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Author: Kyle Neal

11 thoughts on “CHILE VS. UNITED STATES | THE DOGS!!!

  1. For me, the topic of dog is a very sensitive to me. I just love dogs… But I’m do not agree with the owners that let them been on the streets, not all of them can be safe from cars and the bad people that goes around in this world, it culd happen an accident!

  2. Hello Jon, I love stray dogs, they are harmless and pleasant to observe. Shame on the US that kills stray dogs, that is no better than the japanese killing whales for food or the spaniards killings bulls for fun, USA should be ashamed. Grettings to Hannah and Caleb and Walter!

  3. No nos preocupamos de nuestros HIJOS, qué VAMOS a cuidar perros, simplemente lo BOTAS a la CALLE. Los chilenos somos IRRESPONSABLES, por eso hay tanto perro suelto en la CALLE …

  4. Nuestros perros son bien enseñamos, saben esquivar los autos, cruzar por los semáforos, se encuentran con amigos perrunos en plazas, andan en bases, son otros ciudadanos chilenos

  5. Y la ley cholito” pobresitos,ellos no tienen la culpa de andar en la calle, pero no falta la gente buenita que los acaricia,y les da comida. La única solución para estos perritos es esterilizar a las perritas,hacer campañas,junto con las municipalidadedes,hay mucha gente voluntaria para ayudar,pero faltan recursos, pero todos unidos lo podemos lograr!

  6. Hi, Jon! Last time I went to Chile I visited some sightseeing with Brazilian tourists and they were amazed how nice and well fed were all street dogs. Many of them took pictures with dogs, it was really nice. The reason why they were so amazed is because here in Brazil people are not nice with those, it is the other way around, they beat them, they harm them in many ways and they are all skinny plus they do not approach to you because they are always scared. It’s really sad.

  7. Cada perro callejero tiene un dueño o dueña irresponsable.La gente se hace de mascotas para después abandonarlas.

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